Sun glasses have become an indispensable element of everyday life. Good glasses are not only an effective protection against UVA and UVB radiation but also an important accessory completing our image. They emphasize personality, style, and sometime are also a manifestation of prestige. However, a key task of the sun glasses is, undoubtedly, offering protection against harmful radiation which may damage the retina and lens. Correctly chose sun glasses may block up to 85 % of the incoming light and use of adequate protection filter is extremely important. This filter is applied on the surface which may wear over time (the majority of glasses are available at low prices) or externally, resistant to wear and damage (glasses of renowned brands available at dispensing opticians). It has to be remembered that using poor quality sun glasses with inadequate filters is more harmful than not using them at all. Glasses with polarising filter deserve special attention as they efficiently reduce all types of glimmer and light reflection occurring in the conditions of strong solar operation. 


  • Effective blocking of UV rays by allowing the light safe for the eye,
  • Elimination of light reflection and any glimmer and shine on the road surface, or window panes of other vehicles (and therefore are highly recommended for drivers),
  • Elimination of sun reflection on water surface and snow (especially recommended for fisherman and skiers),
  • Improved contrast and visual comfort.

Upon your order, it is possible to prepare polarising lenses and sun glasses with the optical correction function.