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About us

Dispensing Opticians SZAJNA in Sopot has been on the market since 1991.

The experience obtained over the years and cooperation with the best suppliers allows us to offer superior optical services as well as eyesight test and correction. We are experts in improving the quality of vision and our skilled personnel guarantee superior quality services. In our shop in Sopot, we will choose spectacle frames fitting your facial features, personality and lifestyle as well as the lenses adequate to your needs and ensuring the best final result possible. You will also be provided with a case, glass accessories, or glasses care liquids. Our shop has a surgery where experienced eye doctors and optometricians perform computer tests. Taking into account your needs and looking ahead to your expectations, we wish to extend our offer to new products. Use our services and see how professional they can be.

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We offer

In our shop in Sopot, we offer professional sale of correction and sun glasses as well as daily, bi-weekly, monthly and colourful contact lenses.  We cooperate with the largest contact lens and spectacle manufacturers. Our permanent offer includes liquids for contact lens care, lens containers, eye drops and other accessories. Our optician will help you insert the lenses for the first time and offer instructions in the matter of their safe use. Due to the specific nature of lens application, the first use has to be at the surgery. In the beginning, we will carry out a thorough and in-depth eyesight examination and we will choose the lenses in consideration of their proper material, diameter and curvature. Furthermore, we provide comprehensive services with respect to glasses repair.

Additionally, we provide the following glasses repair services:




Replacement of side arms and nose pads

Assembly service with respect to own frames


You will also find in our shop:

> correction glasses and sun glasses
> wide range of frames
> colourless contact lenses
> colourful contact lenses(www.partyeye.pl)
> glasses and contact lenses care liquids
> accessories (strings, chains, napkins, cases)

Vision examination

Eye doctor

In our workshop we offer a wide range of ophthalmological examination at a superior level. The check is performed by an experienced ophthalmologist using professional and precise medical equipment. An important part of the examination is the fundoscopic diagnosing of eyes with a view to such diseases as cataract or glaucoma, AMD and many others.

The following tests are performed at the surgery:

  • Computer vision tests
  • Measurement of intraocular pressure
  • Selection of glasses
  • Application of contact lenses
  • Fundoscopic examination

Doctor Zbigniew Kałużyński 

Monday-Tuesday:  14:30 - 16:30 
Wednesday: 14:30 - 15:30 
Thursday - Friday: 14:30 - 16:30

Telephone appointments


In our shop, you will also be to have an optometric test and examination performed. Our optometrician by carrying out a comprehensive measurement will also identify the parameters of your vision system. The job of the optometrician is to improve the operation of the visual system by correcting such defects as shirt-sightedness, hyperopia, presbyopia, astigmatism, ability to see from different distances and visual acuity with both eyes. Optometrician will not only recommend adequate correction measures by applying optical means and exercises but select and recommend the spectacles, or contact lenses as well. 

Daniel Szajna
Monday-Friday: 10:00 - 13:00  
Monday-Friday: 17:00 - 18:00 

Telephone appointments


We invite you to become familiar with the news concerning our company and the current promotions! Stay one step ahead of others and make use of the best offer!

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